Once in a bygone era, three gastronomically inclined pigs embarked on a culinary odyssey driven by their passion for flavor! The story of Les Trois Petits Cochons unfolds in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC, where a quaint deli specializing in charcuterie made its debut. Founded by two French chefs who forged their bond in Africa and traversed the globe, their epicurean journey brought them to the bohemian Village. With the support of an American benefactor—the third piggy in this savory trio—the enchanting deli came into existence.

In a time when French home cooking was still a novelty in America, the 3 Pigs introduced the concept of “back to basics” traditional French charcuterie. Their culinary finesse garnered acclaim from revered food icons such as James Beard, Mimi Sheraton, and Craig Claiborne. The 3 Pigs’ unwavering commitment to excellence propelled their charcuterie to new heights, earning accolades from the Specialty Food Association. Fueled by success, they made the strategic decision to close the doors of their deli, redirecting their focus to production to share the love of pâté across the United States.

To this day, Three Little Pigs continues to weave its culinary tapestry, crafting the same exceptional pâtés, mousses, saucissons, charcuterie, and French delicacies in small batches. These delectable creations now grace the shelves of thousands of retailers nationwide.

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