Introducing guidde, your essential generative AI platform for business, transforming your team’s approach to video documentation. With guidde, empower your team to create comprehensive video guides at an impressive pace, 11 times faster than conventional methods.

Unlock Effortless Video Documentation with guidde

Magic Capture: Effortlessly capture your flow with a simple click, courtesy of our browser extension. Guidde takes care of the rest, streamlining the video creation process.

Powered by GPT: Watch your storyline come to life magically. Guidde utilizes GPT technology to add a step-by-step description of your workflow, ensuring clarity and coherence.

AI-Generated Voiceover: Add a personal touch by choosing from a diverse selection of over 100 voices and languages. Customization has never been this seamless.

Editor: Unleash your creativity without the need for professional design skills. Design your content like a pro with guidde’s intuitive editor, crafting visually stunning visuals effortlessly.

Smart Sharing: Effortlessly share your guiddes anywhere with a link or embed in your organization. Guidde makes distribution hassle-free, ensuring your content reaches the right audience.

Ready to Dive into the Magic of guidde?

Trusted by Users and Teams of All Sizes: Join a thriving community of users who have experienced the transformative capabilities of guidde. See why teams of all sizes trust us for their video documentation needs.

Get Free Extension: Experience the magic firsthand! Install our free extension and embark on creating your first guidde. Witness the simplicity and power of guidde in action.

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