In 2020, we embarked on a significant endeavor aimed at revolutionizing the colored contact lens industry. Leveraging technology, we enhanced factory production efficiency, employed AI to analyze fashion images for design inspiration, utilized social media interaction to replace traditional high-cost advertising, and eliminated multiple levels of agents to deliver products directly from the factory to consumers. The result? A remarkable achievement in making our products more than 40% more affordable than those of our competitors. We’re thrilled to announce that our team has successfully achieved this feat!

Frequently asked is the question: What sets colored contact lenses apart from regular ones? Conceptually, colored contact lenses introduce an additional layer of color, infusing more vibrancy and vitality into your eyes.

For us, it goes beyond that. With the increasing popularity of contact lenses, a plethora of styles and colors have flooded the market, sometimes overshadowing the importance of comfort. At Lumeye, we prioritize the comfort of contact lenses. High oxygen permeability and water content ensure superior comfort, and the base curve, derived from extensive data investigations, caters to the needs of a diverse range of users, from plano to high prescription. Our array of colors and styles caters to both subtle daily looks and extravagant party ensembles.

Our slogan, “Lumeye: Light up my eyes,” is not just rhetoric; it encapsulates our commitment to comfort and practicality. We offer you a spectrum of choices and transformations, whether you prefer natural hues or strikingly bold colored contact lenses that make you stand out.


We proudly deliver premium on-trend colored contact lenses and accessories. Our confidence in the quality of our products is reflected in our one-year guarantee on everything we create.

High Safety Standards with CE Mark and FDA Approval

To prioritize your health and safety, all our colored contact lenses carry the European CE mark and are certified by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA), adhering to international qualitative medical standards.

State-of-the-Art Sandwich Printing Method

To further ensure your well-being, Lumeye employs a top-notch sandwich painting technology for our contact lenses. The pigmented layer is embedded between two layers of lenses, preventing direct contact with your eyes.

Smooth Edge and Surface Design with Premium Materials

The super soft and smooth edge of Lumeye colored contact lenses provides a natural and fresh feeling, devoid of any foreign body sensation. The sleek surface, free from pressure on the ocular surface and cornea, guarantees exceptional comfort even during daily wear. Our high-quality materials effectively resist protein stains, ensuring softness and comfort. Less friction, more comfort — wear them all day, every day, and forget they’re even there.

High Oxygen Permeability and Exceptional Moisture

Our lenses boast high oxygen transmission, creating a moisture cushion around the eyes by increasing water content near the lens surface. So comfortable, you’ll scarcely feel these thin lenses when worn.


We were founded on the belief that colored contact lenses should be affordable. Our mission is to redefine your perception of colored contact lenses by offering premium designs at radically fair prices.


Unlike major brands that mark up their products significantly, we do things differently. We bypass middlemen and sell directly to you, providing colored contact lenses at a fraction of the price. Same materials, same quality, same manufacturers — just more accessible than traditional contact lens companies. Because colored contact lenses shouldn’t break the bank.

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